CWC15 Live social Updates

world cup social Feeds

ICC Cricket world cup 2015 spirit is very much in the air & we have merely countable days for opening ceremony i.e.., on Feb 14.And, just as for seemingly everything in life, there is Social media # Hashtags for the gentleman’s game as well, designed to keep you in touch with proceedings, even if you are nowhere near a cricket stadium or even a television set.

Yes, Every Countries Cricket board & their players are floating their updates & Feeds via social networks such as Facebook,Twitter, Instagram,etc.., with their eye catching photos, comments & Selfie’s with their fans. but How many of the fans know their favourite players # Hashtages & who is talking about him ??

The Ans is No, as Most of the users doesn’t able to see because users follow hundreds of pages based on their interests which surpasses Cricket updates from their views.

Even though snooping for their updates is a hectic task & one major problem is during work hours employees are banned from using Social networks.

So, if the Cricket Fans need to look in to the updates there is a website that has connected all the teams & players updates/shares in a single page.

CWC15 Social Feeds

Users no need to log in to the social networks to know the updates of their favourite players, just visit, Thats enough.

The fact is, its compatible in Desktop/Tab/Mobile & its browser based and does not require any new app to be installed, it require nothing more than a decent EDGE/3G connection to view even in Mobile browser & surprisingly all of Real-time updates & Feeds are available for free of Cost.



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