How to Talk to a Girl You Like for the First Time

Here is an entire script on How to talk to a girl you like for the first time

Girl: So, what do you do?

: I study in Xyz College

(Expected answer)
You: I need like…mmm… 10 more years to figure that out.
(Smart answer, but it has its flaws. It’s like punching yourself; it can make a girl laugh, but if she is a pseudo-intellectual or a careerist, it may seem to her that you are a loser)
You: Ah! No one wants to know that. Tell me about what you do?
(Now that is a perfect distraction technique and a good conversation making move. Always remember, women love talking about themselves, and if you are amusingly listening to them and praising them at their every single word, you are sure to enter in their good books)
Girl: I am currently doing English Honors from Xyz College. (Let’s assume)You: Literature, wow, what, you want to be a writer?
(Every answer you give should have a question and emphatic words like wow, really, awesome to show that you interested and amazed – doesn’t matter if you are or not.)

Girl: No, I’ll be doing a Mass Communication Course after my graduation… (or blah blah)

 oh, wow, that is really cool. But why didn’t you apply for a Mass Communication Course in your Bachelors only?
(Always remember: just simply follow the traces of conversations she is providing you by herself. Never stick to one thing, for example, asking her who is your favorite writer is a very risky question. Although it seems right as she is a studying English Literature, but it doesn’t even closely suggest that what she has chosen is something she is fully interested in too; because if she is not, and you ask her this question, that is the end of the conversation you started.)
It could go something like:
You: Who is your favorite writer?

Girl: eh…I don’t know. Studies are the last thing I want to talk about right now!

You: ??Girl: What about you?
(You don’t want to talk about yourself unless you are Bill Gates, or you do life saving work just for kicks; except for these, if you think you are in a good college, or what you are doing is very good; believe me there are thousand of others who are doing better. Talking about yourself is the end of conversation, because when you complete your description, there is hardly any girl who would ask you a question about it. What you have to do is: Give her the effect that you both had a long conversation and still she doesn’t know anything about you, while you know everything about her. Make her feel secured. Don’t be her friend, but instead be the praising daddy; make her feel like a little kid who needs your appreciation. Rule her with your maturity and your little guidance hiding in the pretension of knowing so much about this world. But still, don’t start guiding immediately because it is too soon)

You: Wow! That is very good. At least you know what you want to do with your life. I mean, I meet (emphasize) a lot of people in my life everyday, and I must say, ninety percent of them don’t have a clue of what their life is about. I am very impressed by you.Girl: No! It’s not like I have always been sure. I am /have been pretty confused too.
(She will do that, believe me. The moment she accepts you as someone worth talking to and sharing thoughts with, she’ll put herself a little down because of your appreciations and accredited personality that you are giving her.)

You: See, you don’t underestimate yourself. You think you are normal, just like everyone, but I never said that you are great. But that doesn’t make you a loser which most people are! You have to believe that you are unique in your own way, and I’ll tell you how: First of all, it is really hard for a person to stand out in my eyes, but you did it in (check your watch or cell phone) ten minutes?
(She can never say that – “who are you, Doctor Phil? How does it even matter if I stood out in your eyes? – because in your graph of being impressed by humans, you just put her pretty high; so she has to believe that you have a great taste in recognizing people because a girl never believes that she is lame. You instantly gain maturity in her eyes without even doing anything but just praising her. Believe me; she can never think of something like – “oh, he must be really lame to think of me as praiseworthy. Of course I know I am very stupid.”)
You: Second, you know what you want to do in your life, and it’s rare. But of course there is a difference between someone’s destiny and a dream job. And we still don’t know what your destiny is! (Wink at her) Third, (now start making up facts) the way you carry yourself, they way you talk, it isn’t just normal. You can actually scare a person with the amount of confidence you carry in your personality. (OR) look at your awesome hairdo, the complexion of your clothes matching your skin, I mean, I am sorry, but I am trying so hard not to notice such an awesome hairstyle or the amazing combination!
(pick anything, the third point is meant to completely distract her from your previous first and second point to a silent moment in which she is only thinking about your comments and is on cloud number nine)
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  1. Steve Romero
    May 12, 2012 @ 02:08:32

    Talking to girls I’ve never met before is one of the most fun things to do for me…
    I love when the heart beats and when they start playing hard to get:)


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