Tips to reduce double Chin


A double chin occurs when the musculus mylohyoideus – the muscle directly underneath the chin, slackens with age. This results in the impression of a second chin, which many people find unattractive and seek to eliminate. Certain vitamins, double chin exercises and neck massage can help treat a double chin.
Though aging and obesity are the two most common causes, double chin can also be genetic and that’s the reason some people have double chin right from infancy.
To get rid of a double chin, boost your daily intake of vitamin E. Vitamin E is found naturally in many food sources such as dairy products, brown rice, legumes, nuts, beans, apples, soy beans, peanuts, and liver.

Chew a sugar free gum as it moves the jaw constantly and helps you get rid of a double chin.

Massage your neck and double chin area, beginning at the throat and moving slowly upwards. Massage for several minutes every night before bed to reduce your double chin

If you are overweight, try losing weight by following a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet and also exercise regularly. The more calories you burn, the less double chin you’ll have.
Perform double chin exercises like neck rolls. Roll your neck in a clockwise, and then counter clockwise circular motion.

Move your neck forward and then rest your chin against your chest. Hold your neck in this position for at least five seconds. Move the neck as far back as possible, and hold for five seconds. Inhale when your head is upright and exhale when it is in the forward and back position.
Move your neck to the side and try to touch your shoulder with your chin. Hold your chin in this position for at least five seconds and repeat on the other side. Repeat the entire exercise three times.
Image & Content Courtesy NDTV Doctor


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