Your love life, through your friends’ eyes

Weird as it sounds, a study found that your friends are better at predicting whether your relationship will last than you are. According to researcher Christopher Agnew, Ph.D., department head and professor of psychological sciences at Purdue University, they have clearer judgment because they’re less invested. But there are ways to access that info yourself—these tips will get you started.

* ‘Read’ pictures of the two of you: It’s tricky to be objective about your love life. Take a step back by looking at photos as if you’re one of your friends viewing you. Consider how close you appear: if you look like you’re really into each other or if there’s a definite sense of ambivalence.

* Notice what you edit out: The details you omit when talking to others about your man point to potential red flags. Haven’t had sex in a month? Arguing more? Maybe you’re afraid it’ll sound bad, but it’s key to look at these when assessing your bond.

* Compare yourself to the Joneses: Your friends see you juxtaposed with other twosomes, so think about how you and your man differ from couples you know: do you make more or less physical contact? Do you smile and laugh as much as they do?

* Decode your own body language: One reason friends can read your relationship so well is that they observe how you interact physically. You can do the same. Signs you’re solid: your feet turn towards his; you mirror each other’s movements.

* Check out old e-mails: Another thing friends observe is how you communicate—whether your dialogue is natural and fun or strained. Get a sense of it by going through past e-mails and G-chats. These will give you valuable clues.

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