Why You Should Take Up Meditation

In one of  the previous posting we have learned about the ABC’s of Yoga,Here let us see why should we take up the meditation.
The Meditation & Yoga are the similar physical & mental excises which helps a person to get relive from the tensions,get physically & mentally get fit,etc.,

Meditation Posture

Meditation can change your lifestyle. The peace you can find in that state of silence and stillness is precious and irreplaceable. And so, so beneficial.
In my personal experience I feel calmer, lighter, refreshed and so much more love after meditation  that I simply have to share it’s benefits with you. Share learnings and techniques. And the love I feel for this simple, positive, life changing practice that’s based on ‘free will’. Either we feel the need to meditate; or we don’t. The desire can only come from within. That’s how our the Gurus of meditation wanted it to be and that is how it will be.

If you feel its time for some stillness and peace in your life; or if you need a few minutes away from the madness and stress, here are few ways in which meditation will help you.

Meditation mean not sitting on a tiger’s skin,wearing the green cloths,having less food,applying ash on our fore had,etc,etc..,(as shown in old cinemas)
You can even do it even in your office by choosing the right calm* place,even you can sit in the chair(but if you are doing in the home select a calm place,sit down use the place regularly so that u feel comfortable)close your eyes,keep your legs attention position,get palms,fingers together or your index finger & thumb finger tips should be touched.Slowly start concentrating on ur breathing….

Position of fingers while meditating

make this process daily & after that you can have sure of the below points as results:
1. Peace- Anytime, Anywhere
Meditation does not have to be a long, drawn out process and neither do we need to head for the Himalayas. Just close your eyes, be still, pay attention to your body and focus on your breath. Try and make exhalation longer than inhalation. You’ll be relaxed in a few minutes.

2. Clarity and Focus
Over time, meditation helps us concentrate better on any activity we do- studies or work. We will be able to look at things more objectively and clearly.

3. Holistic Health
Many believe meditation actually helps heal and relax our body organs and it helps bring a glow to our complexions.

4. A Great Stress Buster
Meditation is particularly useful during moments of grief, stress and pressure. It helps us release accumulated toxins and negative energies created due to emotions like fear, worry and anxiety.

5. Anyone Can Do It
Read up books on meditation. Attend workshops in your city. Buy a CD. Today, children are being encouraged to learn meditation in schools, giving them a vital tool to cope with the stresses and responsibilities that may come into their lives later on.

Meditation gives happiness

“let me know what are your opinions after having the meditation practices”


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