Fuel cheating in the filling stations

Ran out of fuel while going to office or during an urgent call?
Obviously, in such a state of urgency one does not give much of a
thought to the attendant in the gas station who is waiting for an
ideal opportunity to cheat you.

Cars filling up at the fuel station


Getting cheated in a petrol pump could be one experience that every
rider would want share rather everyone might have gone through such
an experience at least once in their life and unfortunately there
could be a few who get conned quite regularly.

There might be those lucky alert ones and completely ignorant kinds
who know to deal with such fraudulent attendants or this might be
news to you.

Let us get aware of these cheat’s tricks so that the next time
around he will be at the receiving end…

The first common trick that the petrol attendants use is to engage
you with a small talk while setting the meter to level zero in fact
you might not notice if the fuel started from the zero level.

For example, he might ask is you will pay on card or cash or ask
you for some change and this is when you need to get all alert and
make sure to see the meter ticking from zero level.

The other trick is that the attendant might not reset the meter
once the previous customer who has filled just 1 litre of fuel has
left and you end up getting just one litre when you actually asked
for two.

Distraction is the commonly used weapon by the attendants and the
only solution for this is pretty simple- you need to have the
presence of mind whatever be the situation you might be in a hurry
but remember you have let the attendant take full advantage and he
continues to be what he is, happily cheating customers like you for
the rest of his life.

The queue system is a common scene in most of our petrol pumps and
people just lack the patience to wait. And as a result the
attendant will have a field day.

The attendant might hurry you up and you might end up not looking
at the meter you naturally want to ease up the queue and get moving

How long does it really take you to glance at the meter? It could
hardly take you a second that could save you from being cheated.

Most of the times two guys try to cheat you- one guy has the fuel
nozzle ready and the other guy comes from the opposite direction to
keep you occupied in a talk for change, card, oil or whatsoever.

The other trick is the fuel may start flowing from zero but stops
half way through to what you had actually asked for, you need to
check for such stoppage too, as once the fuel gets flowing it
should happen continuously until your requirement is fulfilled.

So , beware of such petrol pumps and attendants
who are on a prowl to cheat on the customers.

It is always better to go to reliable pump stations and most
importantly switch off your mobiles and be all eyes and ears once
you enter the fuel zone for it will save your money, fuel, and
peace of mind.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. B.B.Tewari
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 11:54:55

    Yes what is mentioned is right.But the bigger issue is ADULTERATED FUEL dear done in the following ways—
    1) In the reservoir where fuels are stored is mixed additives to give higher volumes.Thus if you ask for 5liters probably actual fuel under API31.4 is only4l
    2) Under this reservoir for storage there are steam pipes to heat the same so you actually get another 500gms of gaseous matter.Thus the actual fuel is 3.5li
    3) Heating below and high temperature of environment always leads to max gaseous in the fuel.
    Thus SOLUTIONS are–
    1) From the MOP kindly find out or PCRA those Pumps that are Company owned and only fill up there–FRANCHISEE/LICENSEE is a NO,NO
    2) Fill fuel on early morning or late night when the ambient temperature is down
    3) Use Chamois leather of A Grade and ask him to pour fuel through this.You would find all impurities are collected there and in my next will tell you how to identify with this the additives dear OK
    Take Care and CAUTION!
    God Bless you all!


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