Once a successful builder now drives auto

Bangalore: Cheated off his well-established business by a notorious conwoman, a builder in Bangalore now supports himself by driving an auto.

A first ranker from the prestigious Regional Engineering College at Suratkal, Tamanna TV had a construction company that employed over 150 people.

But after a chance meeting with Shalini Verma, the infamous conwoman, he can barely afford the Rs. 15,000 fee for his 7-year-old son’s school admission.

Till 1991, Tamanna’s company had built over 10 apartments, and the business was good.  The following year, he met Verma who ran a granite company called Amar Granites in the city.

Verma was a widow and so a sympathetic Tamanna helped her financially for a few years.

In 2003, Verma met Mohammed Usman, a Mumbai-based contractor, who was wanted in many cheating cases in various towns. The duo began living-in together and duped several businessmen before approaching Tamanna with a proposal to float a new company and asked him to be a partner.

Not suspecting any foul play, Tamanna gave them close to Rs. 3 crore. He took a loan and paid the duo Rs. 5.85 crore in a short period. They allegedly even kidnapped Tamanna in 2006, demanding more money.

The duo then went missing in 2007, leaving Tamanna in a lurch. To pay back the loan, he had to sell all his property.

Tamanna now lives with his friend, and drives a rented autorickshaw. “Verma took everything away from me. The only thing I can think of is to commit suicide. At one time, I had 150 employees; now I can’t even feed myself.”

On August 24, the Bangalore police arrested Verma, who claimed that she didn’t have any money, since she had put it all in her daughter’s name.

view on my side:
life is like a wheel one day we may be the top most & on another day we may loose every thing,but what ever happens be confident & be happy with what you have.
Don’t forget one thing “think twice before you start any thing & have a opinion,inquires with others”
Cheers! – PG
Thanks NDTV


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